NASA Dryden
Jun 9, 2011Public
Photo: Windy at the DFRC today!
Photo: Named for USAF test pilot Glen Edwards, who died over the area in 1948 while testing the YB-49 Flying Wing.
Photo: Double gems. GOOD TO KNOW. Thanks.
Photo: John T. & Camilla SDO with the SR-71 Blackbird
Photo: Dryden Center Director David McBride, who opened with a chicken joke!  So, of course we had to hand him Camilla to babysit for the rest of his speech.  What a good sport...
Photo: The LLRV, or Lunar Landing Research Vehicle... Apollo lander pilots used this to practice landing on the moon surface.
Photo: LLRV scale model to the bottom left... then the big stuff!
Photo: Research Pilot Mark Pestana
Photo: DUUUUDE, in front of the Northrup Grumman Global Hawk unmanned Earth science aircraft
Photo: Research Pilot Herman Posada with the Ikhana MQ-9
Photo: TOP GUNS!
Research & Test Pilots Mark Pestana, Ashley Parham, Troy Asher, Kate Pavlock & Nils Larson.
Photo: HELMET!
Photo: Hangar #4802. FA-18 Super Hornet twin-engine carrier-based multi-role fighter aircraft.
Photo: F/A-18 cockpit... not very roomy!
Photo: With Camilla Corona in the cockpit of an FA-18 Super Hornet!
 One of life's OMG moments! :)
Photo: The Boeing X-48C Hybrid Wing Body (HWB)
Photo: They brought out the Crew Transport Vehicle (CTV), also known as "the People Mover", and raised it as if to meet the Shuttle deck!  So cool.
Photo: Boeing B-52 Stratofortress long-range subsonic jet-powered strategic bomber
Photo: "How YOU doin'?"
Arun at Domingo's ... being social after the Social...
Photo: At the local Test Pilot Hangout
Photo: With Annie at the Mojave Air & Space Port
Photo: Space Ship One and Voyager