Jun 25, 2012Public
Photo: With Robert Picardo of Star Trek: Voyager ... he seemed a little bit scared of Camilla Corona -- which is weird, considering all the aliens he worked with ;)
Photo: Jaime and I with Frank Drake. Yes, THE Frank Drake. 
Photo: Nick, Karen, me, Erik & Jaime... enjoying SETIcon II at the Santa Clara Hyatt...
Photo: Annie Wynn with miss Camilla SDO!
Photo: Starting out with the BIG QUESTIONS at SETIcon, with Nobel Prize winner Alex Filippenko, founder Ariel Waldman and Neil Jacobstein of Singularity University. Moderator:Pierre Schwob
Photo: With NASA astronaut Tom Jones, Shuttle veteran of missions STS-59 and STS-68 in 1994, STS-80 in 1996 and STS-98 in 2001.
Photo: Pascal Lee, Founder of the Mars Institute, and Tom, 4-time Shuttle veteran, taking questions from the audience after the "Would You Survive Your Trip to Mars?" Session
Photo: Lunch at Pedro's with Airplaine-builder Erik and NASA Kepler's Michele !
Photo: Jesse, Erik, Marimikel, Camilla, Michele & Annie!
All fed, ready for more SETIcon sessions...
Photo: All Aboard the 100 Year Starship! With NASA astronaut Mae Jemison, SOFIA infrared astronomer Dana Backman, Bill Nye The Science Guy and science author Richard Rhodes... with moderator Adrian Brown.
Photo: Went to visit the silent auction, and found this wonderful picture of our amazing Star!
Photo: Space goodies!  And other nerdy novelties.
Photo: Cute, but we decided we didn't really need to know what they taste like...
Photo: Camilla being chased by aliens!
Photo: California Academy of Sciences brought one of their bouncy castles!  Okay, not really... they have a show about the interconnected biology of Earth called "Fragile Planet"
Photo: The NASA Ames folk brought information about SOFIA, the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy
Photo: Crowd in the Exhibit Hall. Break time! This time we got a good hour to go through the auction, displays, time capsules, vendors and artists!
Photo: Camilla lamenting that they just NEVER have the good T-shirts in her size!
Photo: With "Packing For Mars" author Mary Roach!  #NASAHero!
Photo: "Bring Your Own Telescope" ... LOL!
Photo: Frank Drake with the Audio-Visual support chaps, setting up his slide show before their panel.  Hey look, the Voyager Golden Record he developed with Carl Sagan!! :)
Photo: Frank Drake panel... and some other guys who discussed how to communicate with aliens, including Doug Vakoch, Paul Frommer, & Marc Okrand. Moderator: Pierre Schwob
Photo: My pal Jaime showing Frank Drake her tattoo after the session, no joke... guess what her tattoo is??
Photo: The pulsar map from the Voyager I and II Golden records!!  Now poised to leave our solar system, making them the furthest human hardware from Earth.