Road to STS-135
Jul 3, 2011Public
Photo: Starting at the Pacific Ocean, San Diego
Photo: Visited my pals at Infinite Dimensions, who let me play with their new robot!
Photo: First state line sign
Photo: Luckily, we didn't see any of the crabs, just a few of the friendly faces...
Photo: Stovall's Space Age Lodge and Restaurant in Gila Bend, AZ
Photo: Heather at the Space Age Lodge
Photo: Enterprise mural, my kinda people. Can I have a job application?
Photo: Ordered some pie for me and Camilla... so glad she decided to let us chauffeur her to Florida!
Photo: Day 2, switched from Interstate 8 to 10...
Photo: Living in the Wild, Wild West!
Photo: Tombstone Courthouse, built in 1882... now converted into the Wyatt Earp Museum
Photo: The current Marshal was very amused with our roadtrip and with little miss Space Chicken!  Meet Tombstone's Marshal Swan!
Photo: Site of the famous gun battle between the Earps and the Clantons
Photo: Second state line sign
Photo: Continental Divide Trading Post.  THAT... is what a $600 box of fireworks looks like.
Photo: Miss Camilla SDO meets Sheriff Armadillo!
Photo: Near the NASA Facility at Boyer Canyon
Photo: Roswell, New Mexico!  Love the street lamp..
Photo: Greys!  Their motto is "Roswell is a great place to crash" ;)
Photo: One of the most amazing natural wonders of the world, IMHO.  
Second visit here, but first time with a NASA chicken!
Photo: Should we follow the chicken down into the Bat Cave??
Photo: "The Big Room" at Carlsbad Caverns... way, way underground now...
Photo: This flowstone speleothem is called The Whale's Mouth