Evacuation & Rehab
Sep 22, 2009Public
Photo: Rising from the -6 degree tilt after 50 days head-down...
Photo: This is what we were outrunning... by order of Texas Governor Rick Perry, everyone had to evacuate the Gulf Coast.  Turned out to be a pretty good idea.
Photo: That's me with Nurse Becky saying OW OW OW OW OW over and over again.  Oh my lord, when you don't USE your feet for a couple of months and then try to walk, it's like someone is shoving KNIVES into the soles...
Photo: Devin & Dr. Ware... he was rolling around in a desk chair, LOL...
Photo: Marcus after his first few attempts to walk... we were all off-balance!
Photo: Kjell, Devin, me and Marcus
Photo: Heather, Devin & Deron... finally getting our footing!
Photo: Devin, Kjell, Marcus, Heather, Deron
Photo: Kjell, Devin, Marcus, Heather, Deron
Photo: Our "Space Seeds" experiment...
Photo: Devin, Marcus & Heather... with our "Space Seeds" experiment...
Photo: Our "Space Seeds" experiment...
Photo: Deron and Kjell went to the airport to fly home.  Me, Marc & Devin went down to get into an ambulance bound for another hospital
Photo: Taking vitals on the way to Austin
Photo: We took turns lying down when we got tired, then tried sitting up and eating small amounts
Photo: The next day.  Austin Seton Hospital... still using the wheelchair in the mornings. because we'd stiffen up overnight.
Photo: Trying to psyche ourselves up to being active again!
Photo: Who knew walking in a straight line and just staying upright for half an hour would be a challenge
Photo: Marcus, Devin, Heather & Brent... in one of Seton's Physical Therapy gyms... Brent, our Torture Master... er, sorry... our EXERCISE coach.
Photo: Streeeeeeeetching
Photo: That looked like it hurt.  I wouldn't do it just yet.
Photo: Superman!
Photo: Trying out some stairs.  OUCH!
Photo: Stairwell workout