SF Bay Area Fly-Over!
Apr 22, 2012Public
Photo: Tradewinds Aviation at Reid-Hillview Airport in San Jose
Photo: My illustrious phobia...
Photo: Cessna Skyhawk
Photo: Cessna SkyHawk
Photo: Pre-flight checklist
Photo: Firing up the computers
Photo: Then why didja build an AIRPORT here?! LOL
Photo: A look back at Reid-Hillview Airport behind us as we took off...
Photo: Cunningham Lake, Santa Clara County
Photo: Approaching Moffett Field, home of NASA Ames
Photo: Moffett Federal AirField... Hangar One easily spotted!
Photo: Hangar One!
Photo: NASA Ames & Moffett Field
Photo: Bush Circle inside NASA Ames... in the center is the Administration building, and just off to the right you can see Sustainability Base, NASA's newest Green Building...
Photo: 80x120 Wind Tunnel at NASA Ames Research Center
Photo: 80x120 Wind Tunnel at NASA Ames Research Center
Photo: Pointed toward upper Portola Valley, and note to the left is the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Photo: Closer view of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, though the accelerator itself is about 30 feet underground...
Photo: 46-meter Radio telescope in the Stanford foothills off the Stanford Dish Hiking Trail, built in 1966 by the Stanford Research Institute.
Photo: "THE DISH"
Photo: Stanford University, Palo Alto
Photo: Heather & Rick... flying! Well play, HE's flying and I'm riding... something my friends will be well shocked about, but I survived it! :)
Photo: Stanford on the left, THE DISH on the right
Photo: Following the Bay north...