NASA Ames Research Center
Nov 30, 2009Public
Photo: There should just be a NASA Parkway in every state...
Photo: Moffett Field, California
Photo: Space Projects Facility
Photo: Caitlin with Terry Fong, Ames Director of the Intelligent Robotics Group
Photo: At the Roverscape! I have to say it: Ames Roverscape is bigger than JPL roverscape ;)
Photo: Terry Fong telling NBC about the rover tests: ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano will pilot the rober from the orbiting ISS!
Photo: Michael with the K10 Robotic Rover
Photo: TOUCH
Photo: Group photo with the K10
Photo: Moffett Field, CA
Photo: Popped into the Ames Visitor Center briefly to see if there was anything new... hey, a Shuttle Simulator!
Photo: Kids having fun with the "Lunar Laboratory" Sampler
Photo: NASA LADEE (Lunar Atmoshere and Dust Environment Explorer), due to launch on Minotaur V from Wallops, VA in September 2013!
Photo: Dr. Tom Barclay of the Kepler Team giving us the rundown on possibly inhabited or habitable planets...
Photo: Brian Day, Director of Edu & Outreach of the Lunar Science Institute, giving a presentation about LADEE
Photo: The IRIS Control Center, or the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph now studying the sun
Photo: Me with the scale model of SOFIA, or the "Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy"
Photo: Scale model
Photo: The Kepler Mission, a space photometer designed to search for Earth-like planets launched by NASA in March 2009
Photo: Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) robotic spacecraft
Photo: Me with the final unmanned Mercury capsule (the last created before the Mercury 7 astronauts famously demanded Werner Von Braun's team build a window in the shell).
Photo: L to R: Gemini and Mercury space suits
Photo: Big Mike hard at work!
Photo: International Space Station Simulator at NASA Ames