SpaceUp Europe
Oct 7, 2012Public
Photo: The Atomium
Bruxelles, Belgium
Photo: The Atomium
Bruxelles, Belgium
Photo: The Atomium
Bruxelles, Belgium
Photo: The Atomium
Bruxelles, Belgium
Photo: Walking through Zonnewijzerpark along the Molenvijver.
Genk, Belgium
Photo: Canadian attendee Rob Drysdale @projmgr
Walking to the Cosmodrome in Genk!
Photo: Kattevennen National Park
Genk, Belgium
Photo: Genk Cosmodrome!
Home to the very first SpaceUp Conf in Europe... great choice!
Photo: Eico, Angi & Joachim meet us at Registration... from then on
they are humorously known as the RedShirts! :)
Photo: SPACEUP EU underway!
Photo: Alex, Angeliki & Marco make announcements
beneath the Space Shuttle
Photo: Video welcome from Bill Nye the Science Guy
Photo: The RedShirts welcome the SpaceUp crowd from all over the world
Photo: Preparing for my T-5 talk...  BIG SCREEN!!
Photo: Particle physicist and ESA astronaut Christer Fuglesang, 
who traveled into space on Shuttle Discovery (STS-116 & STS-128), and also spent time on the ISS!
Photo: With Christer & Camilla!
Very first time I have met a European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut :)
Photo: Yes, we really made toy boats in honor of ocean explorers
in one of the more informal sessions... SpaceUp is all about creativity!
Photo: Great swag!
Photo: Everything you always wanted to know about SpaceTethers,  as told by Michiel Kruiff
Photo: Could you ask for a better backdrop?! 
Italian military man and ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli, 
who flew aboard Shuttle Discovery (STS-120), and Soyuz TMA-20 to serve as Expedition 26/27 flight engineer.
Photo: Inside the dome for a planetarium show!
Photo: At dinner in "The Krater" restaurant with Christian & Rob!
Photo: Rob, Daniel & other pals at dinner with Camilla!
Photo: On the day to day 2! 
Such a beautiful region, we decided to walk again...