NASA Goddard
Dec 31, 2012Public
Photo: Finally, a visit to Greenbelt, Maryland!
Photo: ROBOTS! :D
Photo: More bots in the Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office (SSCO) at GSFC
Photo: With my bud, Fast Eddie, in the Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office... he is also a former Hubble guru!
Photo: Emblems & main project of the SSCO
Photo: ROSIE! (Named after the Jetsons Robot, LOL)
Photo: Ed pulling a component out of the Robotic Operating Simulator for Integration and Evaluation (ROSIE)
Photo: The WCT... or the Wire Cutter Tool
Photo: Control room, and to the right, another task board. On orbit, this sits atop ROSIE, but here on Earth they keep it sideways so nothing crashes on top of it...
Photo: Me & Ed with ROSIE... and off to the left there is the Dextre mockup!
AKA the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM)
Photo: Ah, the magic house...!
(Building 29)
Photo: Previously the home of the Hubble... now the clean room
for the James Webb Space Telescope! (JWST model)
Photo: Telescope Assembly Stand and Gantry System... 
24 feet high, 42 feet long and nearly 140,000 pounds! 
This is being used to create all the optical assemblies of the JWST 
and connect the Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM).
Photo: The Clean Room... the Hubble was also designed in here!
Now dedicated to the construction of the
James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)
Photo: Above the clean room, and to the left of my head is the  Optical Telescope Element Simulator (OSIM) -- 
an important component in testing the instrument modules of the James Webb Space Telescope... 
four major science instruments that will comprise the JWST optics.
Photo: One of the 18 primary mirrors for JWST
Photo: Awesome crowd photo with a LIFE-SIZE mock-up of the James Webb Telescope...
Can you dig how freakin' HUGE that thing is!! :)
Photo: Building 10, with many various clean rooms dedicated to building satellites and their components... 
this room currently being used by the GPM team... or Global Precipitation Management Satellite.
Photo: Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Satellite!
Photo: MMS Satellite components... one of four to be deployed in October 2014
Photo: What the Sign Says
Photo: Space Environment Simulator (SES) Facility 290
Photo: HUGE Centrifuge, almost end to end... but there's no way to back up and get the whole thing in one picture, LOL...
Photo: The "Spies Like Us" end of the centrifuge