NASA Stennis
Jul 15, 2011Public
Photo: NASA Stennis, Mississippi
Photo: Interstate-10 in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
Photo: Stennis Visitor Center - come here for your tour Wednesdays through Saturdays!
Photo: Eunice, Joe & Natalie... just a few of the AMAZING workers at Stennis who made sure we got the VIP treatment!  What a GREAT crew who really went above and beyond!
Photo: Rocket Test Stands
Photo: Largest rocket test stand in the world
Photo: NASA Stennis!  Always wanted to poke about, here!
Photo: The Stennisphere and Museum: See that big blue tower?  That is where Dr. Wehrner von Braun's office used to be...
Photo: Shuttle model outside the Stennisphere
Photo: Me and little miss Lily babysitting Camilla in the Apollo4 room
Photo: Main room with Apollo spacecraft and lunar sample
Photo: Apollo 4
Photo: Apollo 4 capsule
Photo: The Stennisphere
Photo: Map of the major NASA centers
Photo: The 1960s office at NASA
Photo: The 1960s living room, just happened to catch Gene Kranz on the TV...!
Photo: Spacesuit of Fred Haise, Apollo 13
Photo: Space Shuttle Tiles up close! (Actually from JPL, not Stennis... but just to illustrate the point!)
Photo: Space Shuttle Tiles
Photo: Space Shuttle Simulator
Photo: Shuttle simulator fun!!
Photo: Beautiful exhibit about Hubble!
Photo: Mission emblems from the ANG