Mars Curiosity Landing
Aug 5, 2012Public
Photo: Mars Curiosity Landing Weekend!
Photo: Jessica & Michele at Hangar One, Moffett Field
Photo: From NASA Ames Research Center, we piped into the NASA TV feed for the NASA Social panel at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASAs lead center for this mission.
Photo: Hey look, I'm on Mars!
Photo: Clara Ma, the young lady whose essay named the Mars Curiosity Rover, is here at the #NASASocial media events for landing! :)
Photo: Everyone keeps comparing Curiosity to a Mini-Cooper. So, here's her Sky Crane on a Mini-Cooper ;) — at NASA Ames Research Center.
Photo: Aerial model of the entire wind tunnel, a research facility used extensively to design and test new generations of aircraft, both commercial and military, as well as NASA space vehicles, including the Space Shuttle. — at NASA Ames Research Center.
Photo: With Camilla at the Test Chamber for the Unitary 7x9 SWF Wind Tunnel — at NASA Ames Research Center.
Photo: Entering the wind tunnel!  we are now transonic, baby!
Photo: Inside the wind tunnel!! — at NASA Ames Research Center.
Photo: NOX Sphere tanks. Big ones.
Photo: I should probably having one of those red and black warning signs around my neck...
Photo: Camilla in the control room for another type of testing "tunnel" used for heat shield materials. Don't touch the red button!
Photo: Look at that burn!! This is how we know how heat shield materials on spacecraft will respond to different types of atmosphere.
Photo: Ablative testing materials on the road to PICA development... all these were tested for the MSL heat shield...
Photo: Entering the Astrobiology Building...
Photo: THAT. Is David Blake. We are standing in his lab. This amazing SF Bay Area man spent the last 22 years perfecting Chemistry & Mineralogy instruments, and his most state-of-the art, CheMin, is onboard Curiosity! Hometown boy on Mars! :) — at NASA Ames Research Center.
Photo: The master at work, analyzing data samples. And showing us a comparison of minerals to... Tylenol, LOL!
Photo: Annie at the hallway biohazard showers! Here's hoping we don't ever have to use one of these... !
Photo: Up to the roof to see the Research Greenhouses!
Photo: Miss Camilla with the bacterial culture mats, and an interesting view of Hangar One, recently stripped, from the roof of the Life Science building...
Photo: Sticky stuff. That's the technical NASA term. the chicken told me.
Photo: Goofing around in the molecular biology labs.
Photo: I love the signs. I love that with the sign on the left being present, the sign on the right is even necessary, LOL...