NASA Kennedy
Jul 10, 2011Public
Photo: Space coast!  So amazing to be back at Cape Canaveral.
Photo: The Countdown Clock
Photo: With astronaut Mike Massimino, last man who worked on upgrading the Hubble Space Telescope
Photo: Astronaut Doug Wheelock answers Elmo's question about space
Photo: Mass tells Elmo all about life on the space station
Photo: People were crazy for Elmo!
Photo: Mass, his daughter Gabby Massimino, Sesame Street pal Elmo and Astro Wheels!
Photo: With test pilot and NASA Astronaut Doug Wheelock
Photo: With miss Keri B.  Atlantis is on the launchpad over my shoulder!
Photo: After RSS retraction
Photo: What a dream come true!  I never imagined I would be so close to an orbiter.
Photo: You have to do an "I'm squishing you" photo... it's the LAW.
Photo: The Vehicle Assembly building, used for Saturn rockets and Space Shuttles
Photo: Interior of the VAB... certainly, other crafts will one day be prepped in here, but its sad to think there will be no more shuttles flying...
Photo: Astronaut Bob Crippen, pilot of the very first Shuttle mission, STS-1
Photo: The wall of names... look at all the Shuttle workers!
Photo: Another something that has seen it's last use... should this go to the Smithsonian?
Photo: Dropped into the KSC visitor center to eat
Photo: Awesome pizza box!
Photo: Astronaut Dominic "Tony" Antonelli walked us out to see the astrovan pass by!
Photo: Mission Control building
Photo: Seth Green being interviewed by David Waters
Photo: Me and that Robot Chicken dude
Photo: With astronaut Tony Antonelli