Mission Control
Oct 4, 2009Public
Photo: Vince & Heather at Mission Control Center

Johnson Space Center
Photo: MCC Emblem
Photo: Mission Control Center Consoles & Mission Insignia
Photo: MCC Consoles
Photo: Mission Insignia of Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab & early Shuttle missions
Photo: MCC consoles
Photo: Vince and part of the MCC "email" system
Photo: MCC "email" system
Photo: Control Panel
Photo: Console Rotary Dial !!!
Photo: Headset ports at the edge of each console
Photo: Mission Statements of all past MCC Flight Directors
Photo: Mission Control Consolse and the infamous "Red Phone"
Photo: A real honor to sit at the station once occupied by Chris Kraft & Gene Kranz.
Photo: Family & Press viewing room behind the MCC
Photo: Vince checks out the Operations manuals and Apollo Launch Commit Criteria binders... which are still in the room!
Photo: Building 30 - Mission Control Center
Photo: Space Shuttle MCC
Photo: Space Shuttle MCC from viewing room
Photo: Space Shuttle MCC
Photo: Heather above Space Shuttle MCC
Photo: Space Shuttle Mission Eval Room
Photo: Space Shuttle Mission Eval Room... empty now, but bustling like crazy when there's a shuttle in the air!
Photo: ISS MCC