Sep 24, 2009Public
Photo: In bed for science
Photo: Laptop configuration
Photo: Weighed on an industrial scale
Photo: GCRC stands for Galveston Clinical Research Center
Photo: I hear a lot of my blood is stored in the NASA vault forever and ever!
Photo: Lobby desk of the University of Texas Medical Branch
Photo: University of Texas Branch - campus sign on Market Street, Galveston
Photo: Activities coordinator hung this in my room before I arrived
Photo: My room.  And yes, that's a christmas tree.  The staff was having a "christmas in July" week...
Photo: Nameplate on my room
Photo: One of the common rooms with Lunar mural
Photo: One of the common rooms with Martian mural
Photo: Crash Cart & Art
Photo: The Trifecta
Photo: Bicycling to exhaustion!
Photo: With Brent, the Exercise Physiologist
Photo: The Centrifuge
Photo: The Centrifuge
Photo: The Centrifuge
Photo: Scott moving into his new room in the NASA ward at UTMB
Photo: Posturography Testing (Neurological + Balance Assessment)
Photo: Physical assessment in the gym
Photo: Isokinetics (i.e. tests that challenge muscles against moving objects that increase in resistance)
Photo: Scotty goes head-down!  The -6 Tilt