Mexico Maymester 2015
Jul 28, 2015Public
Photo: Students study the Cambridge History of Latin America at the Citadel before departure.
Photo: Coby Moran (CJ), Eric Borio (CJ), Spencer Lukas (PS), Tom Lang (CJ), and Jennifer Burch (CJ) at hotel.
Photo: Mexico City's Reforma Avenue on Sunday is closed to auto traffic to allow circulation of bicycles.
Photo: Spencer Lukas poses for Tom Lang in front of the "Angel of Independence" (not pictured).
Photo: The group visited the Mexican National History Musuem, housed in the grandiose Chapultepec Castle.
Photo: Our museum guide talks to Lang, Moran, Lukas and Borio.
Photo: From 1862-67 the French imposed an emperor, Maximilian, on Mexico.
Photo: Benito Juarez, with Mexican flag, defeated the hated French invaders. Juarez looks over the shoulders of Moran and our guide.
Photo: Benito Juarez as the triumphant president of Mexico.
Photo: Porfirio Diaz, dictator from 1876 to 1910, imposed stability, built public works, and had a proto free market internationalist ideology.
Photo: Diaz was not democratic, and Mexicans are deeply divided on whether Diaz was 'good' or 'bad'. A detractor's mural.
Photo: The Mexican Revolution of 1910-20 ended the Diaz regime, and the effects of this Revolution still influence Mexico today.
Photo: Mural detail: Francisco I. Madero, revolutionaty hero and martyr.
Photo: Students take pictures of a mural depicting themes from the Mexican Revolution.
Photo: Karl Marx offers a skeptical Coby Moran a book. To the right of Marx is Venustiano Carranza, hero of the Mexican Revolution.
Photo: Eric Borio gave the group a tutorial on this Gatling gun.
Photo: French garden on top of Chapultepec Castle. Porfirio Diaz loved everything French and is buried in France.
Photo: "Ninos heroes," or the six child heros, died rather than surrender to the invading US army in 1847. Statues in background.
Photo: Skyscrapers rise along Reforma Avenue. Picture taken from National History Museum, Chapultepec Castle.