2014 Season
Jan 22, 2014Public
Photo: FU10 2014 Lac St. Louis Indoor League Champions!
Photo: 2014 FU9 Lac St Louis Silver medalists!
Photo: 2014 #FU10 ARS Laval tournament Champs!!!
Photo: F10 St-Eustache Indoor Tournament Champs
Photo: Lac St Louis F10 Champions!!!!
Photo: FU11AA "Coupe Laval" Champions 2014
Photo: MU18AA Lakeshore and Montego Bay captains presenting ceremonial 30000 cheque to  Cystic Fibrosis Canada
Photo: MU18AA Robbie Tournament finalists
Photo: FU8 PDP Team Cabezon at the Coupe de Soccer Internationale de Laval Tournament
Photo: 2014 St Eustache Winter indoor tournament Champs FU9
Photo: olympic stadium
Photo: FU16AAA ball girls at the WCU20 olympic stadium
Photo: FU-11 A Granby Mario Robitaille finalists. Congrats for their silver medal in a 10 player shoutout contest.
Photo: FU14AAA Quebec Cup Champions (gold)!!
Photo: MU16AAA Quebec Cup Silver Medalists!!!
Photo: FU16AAA Quebec Cup Champions (gold)!!
Photo: 2014 FU9 Defi Boisbriand tournament champions (div 2)