Saint John's Abbey Church, Sunday, July 12, 2015
Jul 12, 2015Public
Photo: Bronislaw Bok designed and installed the window.
Photo: The crucifix above the altar suspends from the baldachin.
Photo: Saint John's Abbey Church. Sunday, 12 July 2015.
Photo: Marcel Breuer's iconic bell banner.
Photo: A small crowd is ushered into the center sections of the nave.
Photo: Incense and cross precede the procession of the monks and ministers.
Photo: Monks bow to the altar and each other before taking seats in the choir stalls.
Photo: Josef Albers stained glass lantern. Abbey church designed by Marcel breuer.
Photo: Advent wreath, abbey refectory, 5 Dec. 2018.
Photo: Nativity creche, abbey church, 26 Dec. 2018.