Vietnam Slide Show Pictures from Joe Hare
May 27, 2007Public
Photo: Look Familiar to Anyone? Compay Area in Lai Khe.         Joe Hare on Left, Unknown on Right
Photo: Sam Scriven KIA-01 May 67
Bravo Co.,  2nd Battalion/28th Infantry, Black Lions
Lai Khe, South Vietnam
Sam it’s been 40 years today that you left us in that South Vietnam jungle. Your brave actions probably saved many us other Black Lion brothers from getting hurt. After fruitless searches over the years I have found your mother and brother, Johnny, just within the last week.  I also have found our friend Ron Moreno and we have had a 6 hour meeting, with you being the main topic of our reminiscing.  This memorial is long over due and to find the proper words are very difficult, to honor you, as you should be. Sam you gave the ultimate sacrifice for your country and all Americans and you will never be forgotten by so many. 

Rest In Peace
My Friend, My Brother Black Lion
(Sgt) Joseph L Hare
B. Co., 2nd Battalion/28th Inf.

Private First Class
Army of the United States
27 December 1948 - 01 May 1967
Ocala, Florida
Panel 19E Line 007
Photo: Sam w/M-79
Photo: Joe Hare Writing Letter Operation Cedar Falls
Photo: In Tent Barracks Early in 1967, 3rd Platoon, B Co. 2/28
Photo: Joe Emmons (back) Bill Wilson (w/clippers) Giving me a haircut
Photo: Waiting Our Turn To Fly Back To Lai Khe From Tay Ninh and Operation Junction City
Photo: Waiting to leave Tay Ninh for Lai Khe
Photo: Plane Tay Ninh to Lai Khe
Photo: Black Virgin Mountian
Photo: Thick Jungle 20-25 Meters of Visibility. Probably On Operation Junction City Near Tay Ninh
Photo: In The Tay Ninh Jungle Again
Photo: B Co Area, Cutting Grass w/Machettes
Photo: The Wood Barracks Begin in B Co
Photo: Hwy 13, South of Lai Khe
Photo: Water Buffalo & Rice Pattie
Photo: Formation in Dion, coming into Country
Photo: Memorial Service after Operation Billings
Photo: Same as above
Photo: Same as above
Photo: Filling Sand Bags for Bunkers at Barracks
Photo: L to R: Acevedo, Ernie Johnson, Dennie Smith, UNK
Photo: Making Blocks, Lt. Jerry Allen(center w/airborne wing on cap)
Photo: Glover