Hawaiian Nudibranchs and Flatworms
Jul 20, 2008Public
Photo: 9/10/08 young Ceratosoma sinuatum a.k.a. Jolly Green Giant! Measured 7mm. Found during late afternoon dive, actively crawling between 2 boulders. Depth: 25 feet. Firehouse, Pupukea.
Photo: 9/10/08 young Ceratosoma sinuatum. This tiny slug actually looked brown in natural light, at depth. If the animal had been still, I never would have seen it-- perfectly camouflaged on this sepia background.
Photo: 9/10/08 This is probably Ed's best shot of the beautiful colors of this animal.
Photo: 9/6/08 small R. imperialis-- juvenile?
Photo: 9/6/08 Another pair of A. scottjohnsoni (this slug's "partner" was wedged in a small hole--no pictures). This is the 3rd pair we've found in Pupukea this summer (as well as a few individuals). All were in caves or under ledges during day dives.
Photo: 9/6/08 Lots more of these small Glossodoris sp. on our dive today. All were in caves or ledges.
Photo: 9/1/08 One of a pair of A. scottjohnsoni inside the main Cathedral, on the wall,  Pupukea. Day dive. The pair were about a foot apart.
Photo: 9/1/08 Chromodoris sp/Chromodoris tinctoria. Under ledge during day dive. On our second dive, this pair was mating.
Photo: 9/1/08 Glossodoris sp.? The identity of  all of these tiny white slugs confuse me. This one found on a "grassy" ledge inside the main Cathedral, Pupukea. <5 mm
Photo: 9/1/08 H. terramtuentis. These slugs are everywhere this summer. I've been finding at least 5 on every dive at Pupukea the last few months.
Photo: 9/1/08 H peasei. Another very common slug at Pupukea this summer. This is a larger example, at about 15mm. There are copious numbers of these slugs in shaded areas during the day.
Photo: 8/31/08  Cuthona sp. 11. Found under ledge, actively crawling during day dive. <5mm long. Depth: 31 feet. Shark's Cove, Pupukea.
Photo: Cuthona sp. 11 side view
Photo: 8/31/08 Thorunna daniellae. Found between 2 boulders during day dive. <5mm long. About 35 feet.
Photo: 8/31/08 G. tomsmithi
Photo: 8/31/08 H. sanguineous
Photo: 8/27/08 Dusk dive. Found under ledge.
Photo: 8/27/08 Dusk dive.  Phyllidia polkadotsa
Photo: 8/27/08 Night Dive. Main cathedral, Pupukea. N. angustolutea.
Photo: 8/27/08 Night dive. N. angustolutea. Floor of main cathedral, Firehouse, Pupukea.
Photo: 8/27/08 Night dive. C. vibrata--feeding?
Photo: 8/27/08 Resident pair of G. poliahu from main cathedral. They've been together all summer within feet of each other, during the day.  They have not been observed in their usual "spot" at night. One animal is very easy to discern; there's a little nibble mark on the anterior margin.
Photo: 8/22/08, Dusk Dive. main "Cathedral", Firehouse, Pupukea. 8mm long. Depth: 40 feet.  Juvenile Facelina sp.
Photo: top view: juvenile Facelina sp.