Garage Door Opener Installations by Cedar Park Overhead Doors
Jul 18, 2013Public
Photo: The LiftMaster Display. We love LiftMaster. We have installed thousands of LiftMaster operators over the last 8 years. Great products with great warranties. Call us today at 512-335-7441.
Photo: LiftMaster Operator Support Bracket. For those looking for a very clean installation of thier Trolley Mount operator.
Photo: Unusual Door installation. This door has a beam that prevents a normal operator from being used. The LiftMaster 3800 solves the problem. This trolley type operator is mounted in the upper corners of the wall and does not take space in the center of the garage. Call us today to addresss your garage door needs. Cedar Park Overhead Doors 512-335-7441
Photo: Two High Lifted and Follow the roof pitch doors. Note how the doors go up the wall and then follow the roof up. This keeps the door out of the way inside the facililty. Alos note the the door operators are mounted on the roof. There are no rails in the center of the room for the operators. If you need the inside of your room to be clear of the garage door, we can do that. Give us a call at 512-335-7441. Cedar Park Overhead doors. For garage door techies: Note the RAM Track, High lift, Follow the roof pitch. Also note the 8500 operators and the sprocket connections to the torsion tube.