CS178 Assignment 4 - Architecture and Interiors
Apr 30, 2012Public
Photo: Requirement 2 (No vertical vanishing point): The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco -- an incredible architectural structure, set against the backdrop of a perfectly blue sky. Shot at f/7.1, 1/500, the photo has enough light to capture the incredible blue hue of the sky, and the colors and textures of the architecture, sky, and lake stand in nice contrast to one another. This photo is adjusted to eliminate the vertical vanishing point, by transforming the perspective in Photoshop to make the vertical lines appear parallel in the photo. I placed the structure off-center and not zoomed-in too closely to show the surroundings of the architecture; the water, geese, and green emphasize the somewhat oasis-feel of this area. No other post-processing.
Photo: Requirement 1 (vertical vanishing point): It's interesting to compare this photo with the previous one (whose vertical vanishing points are eliminated). Both show the majesty and grandeur of the Palace of Fine Arts on a beautiful city day, but interestingly, the vertical vanishing points in this photo emphasize the height and immensity of the structure. I also zoomed in a bit more, to capture the action and size of the people walking and biking nearby (emphasizes the magnitude of the building). Shot at 1/250, f/7.1. Post-processing: slightly cropped.
Photo: Requirements 2 & 3 (no vertical vanishing point & framed shot): This photo shows a bit of a frame within a frame. Each archway, from the columns closest to the viewer to the ones much further away, frame another image. This photo was also adjusted (in Photoshop, via perspective transform) to eliminate the vanishing verticals, giving a un-distorted view. Shot at f/7.1 and 1/160. Post-processing: also cropped.
Photo: Requirements 1 & 3 (vertical vanishing point and natural frame): Glimpses of the main structure are seen through another structure's columns, as well as framed by the blossoming trees. The photo also contains vertical vanishing points and is not adjusted for perspective. Shot at f/16 and 1/50 (probably could've shot it as a larger aperture and faster shutter speed). I would've liked to have included a bit of ground (sidewalk or grass) to provide more a horizon for the photo. Post-processing: cropped.
Photo: Requirements 1 & 4 (vertical vanishing point & repeating patterns): The old Stanford Hospital building has this incredible repeated pattern across the majority of its facade. I stands in contrast to the flat circular drop-down lamps (?) that light the bike stands and walkways. Shot at 1/80 and f/6.3 Post-processing: cropped.
Photo: Requirement 4 (repeating patterns): A closer-up shot of the building's patterns. The circles of the lamp and bicycle stand in contrast to the perpendicular angles of the pattern and building. I also actually like the vertical vanishing points here; they give a sense of the building's height.
Photo: Requirement 4 (repeating patterns): I wanted to show the consistency of the pattern across the facade of the entire buliding. Shot at f/14: the aperture is set pretty high (small), as to increase the depth of the field to clearly show the pattern far into the background. The photo does contain bits of lamps and bicycles on the left edge. I considered cropping out all of the extra details, but then, the patterns seem to be floating without context or horizon. Post-processing: cropped, slightly brightened.
Photo: Requirement 5 (interior panorama): The inside of Memorial Church on a sunny afternoon. The rich gold hues stand out in the natural daylight, and the stained glass windows provide nice details of color. The panorama captures a 360-degree view of the interior of the church, but it doesn't really show the grandeur and depth of the nave and aisles. Shot at f/4.0, 1/2 sec because, despite the sunlight, the church was still quite dark. Relatively short focal length to capture a wider field of view. Post-processing: Photomerged in Photoshop, then cropped.
Photo: Requirement 5 (interior panorama): Also the interior of Memorial Church, but with the camera focused at a higher angle to better capture the majestic archways and art & architectural details of the ceiling. Short focal length for a wider field of view, shot at a large aperture (f/3.5) and slow shutter speed (0.7 sec) to bring in enough light. I think I like this perspective a little better because it's natural for visitors to look upwards in a church. It ended up being a little difficult to control for the various intensities of light though. Post-processing: played with contrast, photomerged, and cropped, all in Photoshop.
Photo: Requirement 5 (interior panorama): The inside of my Volkwagen Vanagon camper. The sunny day made it a little harder to showcase the interior details (made it a bit too dark at times), but I managed to capture the interior layout of the camper van (shot at 1/8 and f/6.3 <-- probably could've tried a wider aperture). The black and white coloring gives the photo a more timeless and calm feeling. Post-processing: Photomerged, cropped, eliminated color.