CS178 Assignment 8 - Portraiture
Jun 7, 2012Public
Photo: Requirement 1 (indoor light): Taken in section with studio light. The key (and only) light comes from the front/right side of the photo (the subject's front/left side). Its illumination is quite strong and it shines on his turned face to highlight his features and front of the body. Everything else lies in dark shadow. If his face had been turned just slightly more to the left of the photo (his right), half of his face would've been hidden in shadow. At this angle, his features are distinctly clear. Post-processing: cropped. I also altered the white balance to a cooler white. The original light was warmer, but this tone gives the photo a slightly more peaceful and calm feeling.
Photo: Requirement 1 (indoor light): Also taken during section with studio lighting. The key (and lone) light, diffused, comes in from the left and front of the photo, from an angle below the subject, with a orange/red gel covering the light. It casts a distinct shadow (though with a relatively soft outline). The subject has turned her face almost completely, but the right eye and eyelashes are captured so that she doesn't look two-dimensional. I like that the photo, taken from a slightly lower angle, also captures her full shadow. Post-processing: cropped.
Photo: Requirement 4 (flash and ambient): Taken in section with strong ambient light created by key, fill, and background lights from all directions. The flash -- straight on -- seems to cast a slight shadow of the subject against the white backdrop. I like that the photo is straight on, reflecting the vantage point of the "photographed" even though I'm the photographer. Post-processing: none.
Photo: Requirement 2 (indoor natural light): This portrait is illuminated by natural daylight, streaming in from a glass rooftop. The key light, then, comes from the top, shining down on her face and casting shadows below her features. No additional fill lights are used, so the left side of her face, which isn't illuminated by the ceiling's natural light is also in shadow. I like that she's looking downwards, in a nice contrast to the light coming from above. Post-processing: cropped. Edited the contrast just slightly.
Photo: Requirement 1 (indoor light): A traditional portrait, taken during section. I particularly like that the subject is looking straight at the camera -- the gaze engages the viewer as almost an active participant in the photo. Key light: to the left of the photograph, relatively diffuse but highlighting the left side of his slightly turned head. The fill light, also diffuse, comes in from the front/right area. Together, the key and fill illuminate his whole face, but interestingly, the side of his face further away from the camera is more brightly lit, leaving the front view in a slight shadow. Post-processing: altered the color balance slightly to reduce the original amount of red/oranges in the photo. I kept it still quite warm -- and the red clothing adds to the feeling as well. Also cropped slightly.
Photo: Requirement 3 (outdoor available light): The subject, after the Holi Festival of Colors, sits along University Ave, enjoying her froyo. Her face is covered in bright pink powder and is mostly illuminated by the natural sunlight from above. The other side of her face is in slight shadow, shaded by the tree above. No additional fill lights. I like the shocking pink color and even more, how the bright pink stands out when highlighted by the sun. Post-processing: cropped.
Photo: Requirement 5 (non-realistic): This is a molamola! (or sunfish) It's one of my favorite weird fish, whose tail fin is stumpy and pectoral fins small. The body shape is round, not bullet-shaped, so the fish tends to swim a little more slowly than most, and its huge size makes it just a little more odd. The angle of the photo makes it almost look like it's swimming towards the viewer, against a background of artistic ocean layers. In fact, it's a model of a sunfish, ready to be installed in the new Exploration Center in Santa Cruz, and it's lying on its side on a textured floor and platform. Post-processing: rotated the photo, separated it into two layers; sharpened the fish while altering the background to provide a more ocean feel.