CS178 Assignment 6 - Landscape and Nature
May 21, 2012Public
Photo: Requirement 1 (S-curve): The s-curve of the road emphasizes the layers of depth and the varying heights in the photograph. It's seen from just over the hill, as the small tufts of grass in the foreground represent the closest part of the scene. Then, the s-curved road lingers into the distance where it disappears in the dense forests, maybe continuing into the layers of mountains and hills behind it.  

The photo was taken at sunset (at 1/80 and f/14), thus the long shadows and some brightly-lit spots. I edited in Photoshop and made it black-and-white to emphasize the range of whites, grays, and blacks. I also found that the road stood out more in b&w than in color.
Photo: Requirement 2 (improve on nature with Photoshop): I altered the brightness and saturation on this photo from its original. I also darkened the trees in the background by burning them a bit in Photoshop (with the burn tool). The original photograph was oddly-lit; its exposure was too bright for the time of day (moments before the sun set behind the horizon), and that brightness gave the photo a much different feel (of almost sunrise instead of sunset).

The composition is interesting because the straight path is centered, but it's thrown off-balance a bit by the rolling horizon and the bright setting sun in the far left corner.
Photo: Requirement 2 (improve nature with Photoshop): This is the original photo that was altered in Photoshop. The lighting and brightness of the photo seemed a little off, based on the fact that the sun was almost fully set. The horizon, already rolling, is also slightly crooked, and the trees are not in as much contrast as they could be.
Photo: Requirement 4 (texture), Requirement 2 (improve nature with Photoshop), and Requirement 5 (golden hour): I squatted low on the dirt & gravel path to capture the texture at sunset. The long/low shadows allowed the texture of the dirt (with its shoes prints, gravel and rocks, and small dips in the path) to stand out even more.

At 1/50 and f/29, I attempted to bring as much of the scene into focus -- and did capture a lot of the path in focus. The background of the rolling hills and trees (seemingly smoother textures), which are out of focus, are actually a nice contrast to the bumpier dirt -- in focus in the foreground. I also burned and dodged a few small elements of the dirt to emphasize the texture a bit more.
Photo: Requirement 2 (improve nature with Photoshop): The original photo was a bit too bright with some camera artifacts and very warm colors throughout the photo. I edited it in Photoshop to eliminate some of the aberrations, re-contrast and color the scene, and draw out a tiny bit more of the texture.
Photo: Requirement 4 (texture) and Requirement 5 (golden hour): At 1/125 and f/14, I was able to capture the moth as it paused on the dirt path. The low and long shadows of the scene at sunset allow for the texture to be even more apparent, as the shoe prints and rumpled quality of the dirt and gravel stand out in contrast to the almost-glowing quality of the moth's wings. 

The small aperture allowed me to bring almost everything into focus, though I probably could've been more careful with the forefront of the scene and made sure that it didn't blur at all (which it did a bit here). In Photoshop, I cropped the photo and adjusted the contrast a tiny bit.
Photo: Requirement 3 (panorama) and Requirement 5 (golden hour): This is 11 photos stitched together of the scene at the top of a hill in the Arastradero preserve -- and at the golden hour! The sun is still high enough in the sky that the scene is well-lit and the sky is a clear blue. Shadows are getting longer though, and the photography has a generally warm and calm feel.

I like the layers of the mountains and hills in the foreground and background, as well as the center of the photo being the dense trees of the small valley. There are small glimpses of human impact, as shown in the power lines, s-curve road, and parking lot.
Photo: Requirement 3 (panorama) & Requirement 5 (golden hour): This panorama was stitched together from 10 photos, all taken just before sunset at the golden hour. The tones are all quite warm, and the tall grasses have a more yellow than green tone. The sky is still well-lit though, and the blues seem rich. I like the fine texture of the grasses in the foreground, as well as the intricacy of the tree silhouettes in the right background.  The panorama gives the photograph a feeling of grandeur and immensity, despite the fact that it's a relatively small county park.