CS178 Assignment 7 - Night and Color
May 28, 2012Public
Photo: Requirement 1 (outdoor night scene of nature): I snapped this photo around 9-9:30pm, after dusk but still with a bit of ambient light lingering in the sky. The sky was completely clear that day, so it made the background quite clean. 

Similar to the next photo, if zoomed in closely, there's a tiny bit of blur, due to lens focus rather than motion blur. Focusing in the dark is difficult!  Cropped in Photoshop.
Photo: Requirement 1 (outdoor scene of nature): I took a 20-sec exposure of this tree and caught an airplane streak (to the right) as well as some stars. The odd orange glow comes from a streetlight situated quite far away (yet still affecting the scene on a dark night). 

The trees are not as crisp as I'd like them to be, though not due to motion blur. Rather, I had a hard time focusing (manually or auto), so I ended up taking a number of shots while blindly adjusting the focus bit by bit. Cropped, sharpened, and barely adjusted the color balance in Photoshop.
Photo: Requirement 2 (outdoor scene of architecture): This photo of the quiet marina shows all the docked boats along select piers. The architecture of the marina is simple, but the architectural design of each sailboat is quite unique. It was a relatively still night, so the masts fortunately didn't wave in the wind much. Most of the sailboats were empty, but a few liveaboards had lights on. 

I cropped slightly and lessened some of the flare from the dock lights and background street lights.
Photo: Requirement 5 (color as pictorial): Stop, slow, AND go! I layered and stacked four photos of the same traffic light, three of which were taken when the red, yellow, and green lights shone. The fourth photo was converted to black and white (thus the top layer), and I selectively allowed the other colors to show through. 

On bright sunny days, with the sun shining at the right angles, traffic light colors are sometimes impossible to discern, so it may actually look like all three are on. I sometimes wish that traffic light colors were this clear (though I'd rather not have world be black and white).
Photo: Requirement 3 (painting with light): With a 20-sec exposure and monstrous MagLite, I tried to produce bright motion streaks, as though the car was moving rapidly downhill. The light streaks (somewhat) represent the airstream as the car passes through. 

Added more motion blur to the car via Photoshop, and slightly blurred the light streaks as well.
Photo: Requirement 2 (outdoor night scene of architecture): This doesn't technically fulfill the requirement because I only exposed it for 0.5 seconds, but I thought it was an interesting shot of a very manmade piece of construction that connects sailboats, sailors, and the sea -- to land. 

The darkness of the light only accentuates the brightness of the dock light and aluminum structure. Cropped and centered in Photoshop.
Photo: Requirement 4 (light and color) and Requirement 3 (painting with light): This photograph only somewhat fulfills Req 3, as I'm not moving the light source; the light source is moving itself. I caught the Caltrain as it passed a road/rail intersection, and the long exposure time of 4sec allowed me to capture the motion of the train.

What I found interesting was the effect of the red rail crossing lights. The redness illuminated and bathed everything in red -- including the sidewalk in the foreground and the train itself (besides the white train lights).
Photo: Requirement 4 (light and color): I snapped this photo with my iPhone camera under normal incandescent light. It's a yellow Post-It pad, and a few pieces of white paper along the photo's borders help to show the color of the light source as well.

Cropped in Photoshop.
Photo: Requirement 4 (light and color): I took this photo of the same Post-It pad, as it sat on the garbage can outside my house at night. It's illuminated by the street light -- not sure what kind of light it is (sodium?), but it gives off a very orange glow, thus making the yellow Post-It notes very orange, almost with some pink undertones. 

The garbage can has white arrows imprinted on its lid, which are visible at the bottom and left sides of the photo. There's almost no difference in color between the white arrows and yellow Post-It notes. Photoshop: cropped and sharpened.
Photo: This photo doesn't really fulfill any requirement. I took the photograph with a 2.5-sec exposure, and instead of keeping it still on a tripod, I purposely waved the camera around -- and the result was a misty, foggy look :)