CS178 Assignment 1 - Bad Photos
Apr 8, 2012Public
Photo: Requirement 1 (poorly exposed photo): By underexposing this photo (reducing the aperture size drastically), the small amount of light that was captured by the sensor makes the stuffed animal look creepy, not cute.
Photo: Requirements 1 & 5 (poor exposure & bad composition): The exposure isn't terrible, but the small aperture didn't bring in enough light, giving the photo a weird blue tint. The composition is bad because there's no central focus or subject of the photo; nothing's very interesting, everything's vaguely interesting.
Photo: Requirement 2 (blurred): I played around with shutter speeds as I took endless photos of passing cyclists. At 1/60, the background is clear but the cyclist is blurred due to motion.
Photo: Requirements 2 & 3 (blurred & out of focus): The photo is blurred because I set the shutter speed too slow. The camera took a long exposure, capturing motion blur from the movements of the bowler and the movements of the pins and rails, as well as my unsteady hand at keeping the camera still. And it's all out of focus because it's all blurred.
Photo: Requirement 3 (out of focus): The closest part of the photo is almost in focus, but not quite. Everything else is out of focus, making the bike brand and components fuzzy.
Photo: Requirement 3 (out of focus): Nothing is in focus in this photo, but it gives Stanford a warm (normal white balance to match the "direct sunlight"!), hazy, and dream-like feel.
Photo: Requirement 4 (white balance off): A perfectly sunny day at Stanford is captured with a cool blue tint, making it look a little eerie and still, when I changed the white balance from "direct sunlight" to "fluorescent"
Photo: Requirement 4 (white balance off): Switching the white balance from "direct sunlight" to "cloudy" resulted in a photo where the warm orange-y tones overcompensate and neutralize the clear blue sky.
Photo: Requirement 5 (poor composition): I centered the urn sculpture, and the centering oddly split the photo almost exactly in half, making the scene look disjointed (and maybe even pasted together). The photo isn't really zoomed in enough, and the background and vertical split is distracting.