CS178 Assignment 5 - Still Life
May 14, 2012Public
Photo: Requirement 4 (levitation): The Lego astronaut man floats and flies above the moon! This photograph is created through a stack of 2 photos and highly manipulated in Photoshop. I like the one source of light (coming from... the sun!), provided by a desk lamp, and the whole set of objects is placed against a black fleece jacket. The moon surface is created by draping a print-out of the moon surface, carefully balanced on a medicine ball for the curved (though 1D) effect.
Photo: Requirement 4 (levitation): the set-up to the previous photo.
Photo: Requirements 1 & 2 (caustics & themed collection): This collection represents renewal. The candle, egg, and flower can all be symbols of starting anew, or again. This photo is taken in daylight (through a window) but is not brazingly bright.  The photo is warm in tone, and comfortable, but I wonder if the amount of light + gray curtains give it a slightly somber feeling.  The caustic, through the handblown cane glass cup, is clearly seen on the right side of the photo -- in a myriad of colors and patterns.
Photo: Requirement 1 & 2 (caustics and themed collection): This set of objects is meant to represent "renewal" -- the hopeful flower, lit candle of life, and bright egg can all be symbols of starting anew, or again. I set the scene in bright daylight against a gray curtain. The almost-too bright color (slightly adjusted in Photoshop) brings out the hope of renewal. I also placed the objects uncentered and instead, to the right of the screen, allowing the flower to almost "reach" for more light. I'm not sure if the gray curtain was too dark -- and if a white backdrop would've been more appropriate.
Photo: Requirement 3 (portrait of an object): The action figure of Einstein is one of my favorite objects. He holds a piece of chalk in his outstretched hand, and his hair is as unruly as ever. I set him against a textured white wall, lit from below. He stands on an upside-down glass plate that allows an incandescent bulb to shine its light up without too much interference. I like the somewhat humorous and mysterious feel of the photo... With the light from below, Einstein gives off an aura -- his hair, hands, and face illuminated; he's deep in thought, about to step forward and uncover another theorem... Humorous because he is, after all, an Einstein action figure. Post-processing: cropped, slight adjustment of brightness around the crotch :)
Photo: Requirement 4 (levitation): Skittles are tumbling off the stack of books, floating in mid-air! This levitation photo, created from a stack of 2 photographs and a ridiculous amount of Photoshop editing/manipulation, was a bit more difficult to create. I liked the concept a lot, but I forgot that I had to deal with the shadows created by the falling Skittles and perched Skittles bag. Fortunately, the set-up allowed me to see (and mostly replicate) the shadowed areas for a more realistic feel... Some of the clone/stamp tool could've been better used. I brightened the photo significantly but may have actually done too much.
Photo: Requirement 4 (levitation): the set-up for tumbling Skittles. I taped a bunch (maybe too many) of Skittles onto plastic wrap and draped it off the books onto the table. Then, I proceeded to very very carefully erase the background and stack the photos as accurately as possible.