Famous Fisherman's Wharf
Nov 3, 2012Public
Photo: Fisherman's Wharf, the Waikiki of San Francisco.
Photo: The crowds were there for Fleet Week. The ship Balclutha is all decked out
Photo: Lots of boats in the bay, getting ready for a show. Despite all my planning, I didn't know this weekend was Fleet Week until the evening before!
Photo: Ghirardelli Square, a former chocolate factory turned marketplace
Photo: Anya wanted a picture of the mermaid in the fountain
Photo: "Well the girls are frisky in old 'Frisco
A pretty little chick wherever you go
A-a-and they'll walk and I'll walk.."
Photo: I liked the clock tower
Photo: Okay, kids, who wants another San Francisco treat?
Photo: Sharing The World Famous - Hot Fudge Sundae
Photo: Who gets the cherry? We wisely asked them for two cherries.
Photo: Discussing the finer nuances of their Ghirardelli chocolate sundae. One cannot visit San Francisco without having one.
Photo: Anyone hear a loud noise?
Photo: Look, up in the air!
Photo: We arrived just in time to see the Blue Angels at Fleet Week
Photo: Flying right over Ghirardelli Square. The funny thing: this wasn't planned, we just happened to be at the right place when the jets started.
Photo: We staked out a spot on the second-floor, near a shaded table.
Photo: Zooming in for a closer look; Tight Diamond Formation
Photo: Navy's F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet.
Photo: "Double farvel formation". Okay, I looked that up.
Photo: While I wasn't prepared for the crowds, Anya and Grant had so much fun that I'm glad we "included" the Blue Angels in our itinerary.
Photo: Most of the time, they flew up above the bay, but a few times, they rocketed directly over us.
Photo: They had previously seen them at Kaneohe Bay MCAS in Hawaii, but Grant was just a baby.
Photo: Group shot in a delta formation
Photo: When the F-22 Raptor flew by, Grant yelled "White Angels!"