Hiking Emerald Bay
Oct 19, 2012Public
Photo: We're at Emerald Bay, part of DL Bliss State Park. This is arguably the most famous part of Lake Tahoe (although casino patrons may disagree)
Photo: It took about 40 minutes to drive from the cabin, enjoying the views of Lake Tahoe on the way
Photo: Is this our Xmas card?
Photo: Of course, they have to climb up the gigantic rock
Photo: Grant's Spider-Man shoes serve him well
Photo: As you can see, perfect weather. Mid-70s in the afternoon.
Photo: Panorama of the view from the top
Photo: Jake's Peak, at 9,187 feet, overlooks Emerald Bay
Photo: Panorama of Maggies Peaks and Jake's Peak
Photo: Good job Anya
Photo: We're heading down to the bottom, about 500 feet down.
Photo: How come this doesn't make him dizzy?
Photo: Fannette Island is the only island in Lake Tahoe. The Tea House is atop the isle.
Photo: JJ Abrams took this picture
Photo: Made it, Ma, top of the world!
Photo: Dulce likes shooting dead trees
Photo: Come on down
Photo: Emerald Bay overlook
Photo: Emerald Bay beach
Photo: Panorama from the overlook