Tahoe Gem Cabin
Oct 17, 2012Public
Photo: "Tahoe Gem", our cabin near Carnelian Bay in North Lake Tahoe
Photo: Built in the 1930s, the current owner took great care in renovating it
Photo: The cabin was Dulce's idea. She found a perfect setting.
Photo: The green lawn must've been watered every morning; We had thought it rained overnight
Photo: Anya called this Lion King Rock
Photo: We had a filtered view of Lake Tahoe. Even though it looks like we're in the middle of the forest, we were actually a short walk to the lake front.
Photo: What is this? Pine-Sol used as a bear deterrent. BEARS?!?
Photo: Are they called lanais in California?
Photo: Big cedar trees abound
Photo: "The leaf is so soft"
Photo: Let's go in
Photo: Main foyer
Photo: Hallway to the living room
Photo: The living room was perfectly decorated
Photo: A very rustic look
Photo: We're going to enjoy the Tahoe Gem
Photo: Nice to look outside
Photo: We had sandwiches on the picnic table
Photo: Again, nice weather, in the high 70s.
Photo: They loved playing in the yard