Educational Exploratorium
Oct 31, 2012Public
Photo: The Palace of Fine Arts holds the Exploratorium. The Palace is from the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition. In 2013 the museum will move to a pier on the Embarcadero
Photo: Grant wants to visit outside the museum
Photo: Anya reading the rules: "You can and should touch everything". Talk about a perfect museum for our little ones.
Photo: The Exploratorium was established in 1969 as an interactive science museum. If we saw nothing else in San Francisco, we were going here.
Photo: I didn't want to post too much instantly, prefering to do albums, but we had to let Mom know we were here. This was our family's favorite place when we lived in the Bay Area.
Photo: Playing with the magnets while Mommy lets the world know we're here.
Photo: There are over 400 touchable and playable exhibits. And they did them all!
Photo: Trying to balance the football on the air jet
Photo: She made it go pretty fast
Photo: See our family? I'm taking the picture
Photo: We chose this museum over the California Academy of Sciences and the Lawrence Hall of Science at Cal-Berkeley
Photo: Our kids are going to love science
Photo: Grant watching the flying rope
Photo: We're barely started; we spent nearly four hours here!
Photo: Activating gas molecules
Photo: The wind would blow up the water drops
Photo: What did Anya find?
Photo: You can take strobe pictures with water droplet. Doc Edgerton is from Nebraska.
Photo: Good timing, Dulce
Photo: There's my new profile picture?
Photo: Heat, Temperature, & Mathematics exhibits
Photo: Watch out for the tornado
Photo: Up to Oz?