Glorious Golden Gate Bridge
Nov 3, 2012Public
Photo: Golden Gate Bridge topped with some of the famous fog. Part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
Photo: We tried to find parking at the Presidio, a former Army base. We used to camp here with Scouts and I visited the Army Museum with my parents.
Photo: San Francisco from the Presidio
Photo: I didn't know Fleet Week happened today, too, so everyone gathered around to watch the Blue Angels. No parking anywhere.
Photo: So, let's drive across!
Photo: Highway 101 crosses the bridge from San Francisco to Marin County over the Golden Gate strait. That's why it got the name, not because the bridge is supposed to be gold.
Photo: The bridge is about 1.7 miles long, the center span is 4200 feet long
Photo: Clearance below is 220 feet
Photo: The bridge is supported by two 746-foot towers.
Photo: Lots of sailboats watching the Air Show
Photo: A bit of low-hanging clouds. See, it's better to walk another day.
Photo: San Francisco from the Marin Headlands' Vista Point
Photo: City still looks impressive, even if we couldn't get out of the car to look.
Photo: No parking at Marin Headlands, either.
Photo: After a bout with traffic, we headed back to the City.
Photo: Zipping back to the city. You pay the toll into the city, but not out of it.
Photo: Can't wait to walk here tomorrow to see the view
Photo: We'll come back to the bridge another day when the Blue Angels aren't flying and the crowds are less.
Photo: We're back! Good thing, the sky is much sunnier!
Photo: Excellent view from our parking near Battery Marcus Miller.
Photo: It's free to leave San Francisco, but a $6 toll to come back.
Photo: The newly renovated Southeast Visitor Area, surrounding Strauss Plaza. Joseph Strauss designed the bridge, built in 1937.
Photo: View from Flagpole Hill
Photo: Obviously, Anya wanted a picture by the gardens.