Sierra Nevadas (via Fairfield)
Oct 12, 2012Public
Photo: Look like they're ready for a vacation
Photo: Only 5 hours? Piece of cake.
Photo: If you're going to San Francisco... we are!
Photo: Grant wants to be a pilot
Photo: Hawaiian Airlines still serves dinners
Photo: We flew into Sacramento Intl Airport, as it was more convenient to our plans.
Photo: First meal: legendary California Cuisine
Photo: Most of Hawaii is really jealous right now.
Photo: Getting that In-N-Out Urge?
Photo: I ordered from the so-called "secret menu", Animal Style with grilled onions, extra sauce, and pickles.
Photo: I think he likes the fries better
Photo: She finished hers. We liked it better than Texas' Whataburger. So did Texans, judging from the lines I read about.
Photo: They got milkshakes and stickers
Photo: Long flight, save your energy. Remember that #82 on his shirt, it will pop up later.
Photo: At our first night's hotel, the breakfast included waffles from chocolate batter. Yum.
Photo: Off to our next destination
Photo: Fairfield, where I lived during my Sophomore & Junior years in high school. As a military brat, I have lots of "home towns".
Photo: This neighborhood looks familiar
Photo: And there's the old house on Barton Drive.
Photo: My bedroom was the upper left window.
Photo: That tree was smaller, and the house was pinker.
Photo: They took down the basketball hoop. And there was a semi parked in the back yard.
Photo: KI Jones school, where my little brothers went to school and I attended Scout meetings
Photo: Two Denny's restaurants almost next door (0.2 miles apart). I thought it very odd when I lived here and was surprised BOTH are still open.