Celebrated Cable Cars
Nov 5, 2012Public
Photo: Believe it or not, we rode cable cars in San Francisco.
Photo: We got an early start before the crowds came.
Photo: We had a day pass from Muni (San Francisco Municipal Railway), that was good for the cable cars, busses, and street cars. The kids rode free.
Photo: Our first trip was on the California Street line.
Photo: California Street goes through the heart of the Financial District, and is therefore less crowded with tourists. The other two lines go to Fisherman's Wharf
Photo: For our first ride, we rode in the indoor section. The cars have a passenger capacity of 60, 29 of them seated.
Photo: If you click "View Album Map" on the right, you'll be able to follow our cable car routes
Photo: Are you sure the cable can pull us up this steep hill?
Photo: Why are the buildings crooked?
Photo: Hope he has good brakes
Photo: The California Street is double-ended. It's a straight shot up the street and does not have a turnaround like the other lines.
Photo: A lot of people got off when we hit Powell Street, to transfer to the other lines. We stayed on the now-empty cable car to end of the line at Van Ness.
Photo: Down California Street through the Financial District
Photo: It was easier to take pictures once the crowds got off.
Photo: Heading toward the end of Van Ness Street. Watch out, repair crew
Photo: The cable car zooms by at 9.5 mph
Photo: Lots of Italianate Victorian houses, with the rounded double bays
Photo: Grace Cathedral
Photo: Looks like Notre Dame (Paris, not South Bend)
Photo: Illustrious Nob Hill
Photo: Mark Hopkins Hotel on Nob Hill, with the Top of the Mark bar
Photo: We should stay here next time
Photo: The Pacific-Union Club was built in 1886, which means it survived the 1906 earthquake. Fairmont Hotel is to the right.
Photo: The Fairmont Hotel has a few flags