Reno, Nevada
Oct 13, 2012Public
Photo: Heading on I-80 toward Reno, Nevada
Photo: Downtown Reno makes quite an entrance from the freeway. Good job with the photo, Dulce
Photo: Finding our casino for the evening
Photo: Heading down Virginia Street. The city was named after Civil War General Jesse Reno. I had always thought it was named after Major Marcus Reno, who served under Custer at the Little Bighorn. Learn something new everyday.
Photo: The famous sign, first built in 1926. The motto was the result of a contest.
Photo: No problem with the weather. Yet again, in the mid-80s. And here I thought it would be chilly in the mountains.
Photo: The Eldorado, our hotel.
Photo: We chose it because the rooms and buffet were rated much higher than Circus Circus. Grant's looking out the 18th-floor window.
Photo: We got a Luxury Room in the Skyline Tower, with terrific off-season rates.
Photo: "The Buffet" at Eldorado, the highest-rated one in Reno.
Photo: Anya had fun making her own plate
Photo: Carving station, a bit above the run-of-the-mill casino buffet.
Photo: The Mushroom Ravoli was awesome! It was the featured item at La Strada, the fancy Italian restaurant in the casino.
Photo: Grant wanted his naked pasta
Photo: Pretend I'm a hipster using Instragram to shoot my meal
Photo: Brisket rom the carving station. And there's the mushroom ravioli again
Photo: Not garlic cloves, but Chinese manapua
Photo: The dessert was the best part, especially the bread pudding and apple crisp.
Photo: They loved the all-you-can-eat gelato
Photo: They even had gelato with breakfast the next day
Photo: Let's look around the casino