Welcome to San Francisco
Oct 31, 2012Public
Photo: Driving through the Caldecott Tunnel under the Berkeley Hills. Our hotel was in Walnut Creek in Contra Costa County, about 25 minutes to downtown San Francisco
Photo: Downtown Oakland. When I lived in the Bay Area before, I was surprised Oakland even had a skyline.
Photo: Oakland. Dulce took most of these photos from the passenger seat. Her Panasonic camera had a "Glass Through" mode, and she did a fantastic job, as you'll see.
Photo: Grant liked this huge crane
Photo: San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge. What the heck is that fog? I thought October would be the clear season. There go my skyline pictures.
Photo: Eastern span is a cantilever bridge
Photo: They are replacing the eastern span with a new bridge
Photo: More mighty machines, Grant!
Photo: Tunnel on Yerba Buena Island. Yerba Buena means "Good Herb", which was San Francisco's original name
Photo: On the other side of this tunnel is San Francisco, let's see if it's foggy
Photo: The suspension bridge on the western span. I'm still a little apprehensive about the fog...
Photo: We were here over Columbus Day weekend, so bridge traffic was never a problem
Photo: Anya knew this was the Oakland Bridge, not Golden Gate, since it had "X"s.
Photo: And there's the first glimpse of the city, the Golden Gate Bridge on the far right, behind the ocean liner
Photo: There's San Francisco! Get some flowers for your hair!
Photo: I've always loved the San Francisco skyline from the bridge
Photo: What fog? Hooray!!
Photo: Shooting through the bridge cables
Photo: These are all Dulce's shots from the car's passenger window
Photo: Coit Tower on the far right
Photo: These pictures are actually taken on multiple days, as we'd always take this bridge into the city. As you can see, we had uniform clear sunny skies.
Photo: It was hard to time around the cables, obviously
Photo: But she took so many pictures, that we had plenty of nice cable-free ones to choose from.
Photo: The skyline looks so appealing from the Bay Bridge