HauloutMar3 2008
Mar 3, 2008Public
Photo: Not a view you'd ever see at sea, foot in bow; you can see the new bronze plate on the stem traversing the scarf joint and the new hanging knee above it.  That's shipwright Steve's foot but not his hanging knee.
Photo: Port, I mean left foot on port side; lok at that massive hanging knee...
Photo: Casting from 0 degrees; a real striker
Photo: Mike working on a floor timber
Photo: Rich has prepped the sprit for reinstalling, this is the aft end that slots into the sampson post
Photo: Jim Linderman crafted this sprit; beautiful piece of wood. aft end again for future reference
Photo: sprit ready to reinstall
Photo: Closeup of the forestay slot
Photo: Floor timber attached to hanging timber with scarf thru-bolt all way to bronze strap
Photo: Thru-bolts to scarf joint on top of new hanging knee
Photo: Cowboys are bowlegged; apparently shipwrights are too (that's Steve)
Photo: Hanging knee from interior down
Photo: Middle forward scarf bolts...bobstay bolt at top
Photo: Aft and middle scarf bolts
Photo: Stores from above...those are the carriage bolts in bronze that Steve found across the US for the project
Photo: Floor timbers drying--we are blessed by sunny weather
Photo: I threw this in for atmosphere; this is south marina looking at Emeryville, birds more birds and biplate on outer piling
Photo: Rich happy with the bronze casting
Photo: Who woulda guessed; that's the...sampson post, bottom end to the left, top end we are used to seeing with its stainless steel endgrain cap on the right