Interior Sound Deadening with E-dead
Dec 28, 2010Public
Photo: Rear Inverter
Photo: Removing the rear interior
Photo: Left side after interior removal
Photo: Bare after rear interior removed
Photo: Pass side view of JBL Amp and Sub
Photo: Amp,Sub and Inverter
Photo: With back seats removed.
Photo: Those cutouts in the floor are where the rear seat setabelts tuck in when the seats are folded down.
Photo: That black access panel on the left is where the fuel pump in under.
Photo: Factory JBL Amp and sub comes attached to a hollow ABS plastic box.
Photo: Right side with e-dead deadener all installed. That pink tube is for the overhead air bag blowoff .
Photo: Fuel pump access plate covered with e-dead.
Photo: Pic with the E-dead all in place.
Photo: After the e-dead butyl deadener was down and ready for the poly closed cell foam
Photo: Lined with 2 layers foam....closed cell and open cell