34th ID unit page photos
Jun 9, 2008Public
Photo: The third wave of 34th Infantry Division Soldiers returned to Inver Grove Heights, Minn. following their one-year deployment to Iraq.  The group of approximately 40 Soldiers arrived at 8 p.m. Feb. 5. Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Ewer.
Photo: An Iraqi child tries on Spc. Taryn Emery's sunglasses during a humanitarian assistance mission in Qaryat Al Majarrah, Iraq, Nov. 27, 2006. Emery is with the 2nd Battalion, 136th Infantry Regiment.
Photo: Soldiers on Contingency Operating Base Basra were delighted and eager to tear open buckets of Sweet Martha’s cookies and dunk them in fresh milk, all courtesy of a joint-effort with the Blue Star Mothers of America and the Exchange Clubs of Minnesota to send holiday treat to those deployed during the holidays.
Photo: Soldiers line up to enjoy the traditional Iraqi fare offered during the grand opening of the Oasis Restaurant, Dec. 26, at Contingency Operating Base Basra. The bazaar gives the Soldiers a chance to spend money and time they might otherwise use toward junk food and less meaningful entertainment to become more familiar with Iraqi culture and support the local economy.
Photo: Soldiers take their grappling down from standing level to ground-fighting during the All Iraq Combatives Tournament at Camp Bucca, Dec. 19. Teams from all parts of Multi-National Division South converged on the camp to take part in the grappling tournament.
Photo: Soldiers enjoy made-to-order steaks, grilled by members of the organization Serving Our Troops, during an event designed to bring Soldiers and their families together and thank them for their support and service at Contingency Operating Base Basra, Dec 12.
Photo: Commanding general of Multi-National Division South, Maj. Gen. Rick Nash, presents the 3000th flag to fly over COB Basra to a member of Serving our Troops Dec. 18. This event also kicked-off the 373rd birthday of the National Guard.
Photo: Col. Michael Rath, 34th Red Bull Infantry Division Surgeon, Don Shelby, Minnesota broadcaster and Lt. Col. John Kuzma, 34th Inf. Div. Psychiatrist, speak to the faculty of the Basrah Medical College.
Photo: Sgt. Jonathan Goldstein, from 1st Platoon, Company B, 2nd Battalion, 136th Infantry Regiment, advances cautiously through Al Naumyah village in the volatile Al Anbar Province of Iraq.
Photo: Animated Crest 34th Division
Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico
August 18, 1918
Sandstorm Division

Photo: From a hilltop on the U.S. - Mexico border, Spc. Michael Elmer spots four people on foot moving toward the fence below.  Minnesota National Guard Soldiers are working with the U.S. Border Patrol to deter illegal immigration in the Las Cruces area of New Mexico.
Photo: May 16, 2007,  AL MADINAH, Iraq,  Army Sergeant Jeff Woodford a Walker, Minnesota native speaks to an Iraqi civilian waiting for medical care. Citizens of Al Madinah As Siyahiyah take advantage of the medical care being provided by soldiers from 1st Iraqi Army Division running a Cooperative Medical Engagement (CME) with the help of Able Company, 2nd Combined Arms Battalion of the 136th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Marine Logistics Group (Forward). Sgt Woodford is a medic with A. co., 2-136th CAB. 2nd MLG is deployed within the Al Anbar province in order to develop the Iraqi Security Forces, facilitate the development of official rule of law through democratic government reforms and continue the development of a market based economy centered on Iraqi reconstruction.
Photo: A Soldier with the Minnesota National Guard's 1/34th Brigade Combat Team buttons her chin strap before heading out on a mission May 13 in Iraq.
Photo: Soldiers gather for the change of command for the 34th "Red Bull" Infantry Division at Camp Ripley, Minnesota on October 13th, 2007. Maj. Gen. Richard Nash takes over for Maj. Gen. Rick Erlandson.
Photo:     Pantano, Italy, November 29-December 3, 1943

In September 1943 the Allies invaded the southern Italian mainland at Salerno.  Strategic planners had believed that the Germans would then withdraw north, toward the Alps.  But the Germans did not withdraw, and in what became known as the Battle of the Winter Line, the Allies began their long fight up the Italian peninsula.  Iowa's 168th Infantry landed at Salerno some three weeks after the initial invasion.  Part of the 34th Infantry Division (Red Bull) from Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota, and the first U.S. Army division to arrive in Europe, the 168th Infantry was already a veteran of the North African campaigns.  In Italy, the regiment went into action almost immediately, and on November 28, 1943, the 1st Battalion was directed to seize Mount Pantano, a large mountain whose four knobs gave it a square shape.  Situated in a draw between the four knobs was a full battalion of German defenders.  Taking the first knob from the surprised Germans, Company A repulsed an almost immediate counterattack in hand-to-hand fighting.  The rest of the battalion arrived, and for the next five days the men were under constant attack.  Company A's commander, although wounded three times, led a bayonet charge against a German breakthrough; Company B stopped seven German assault waves; grenade duels raged all around the perimeter.  When their ammunition was exhausted, the Americans hurled rocks and C-ration cans at the Germans.  Because pack mules could only travel one-third of the way up the steep and rain-soaked slopes, supply was a critical problem.  For two days there was nothing to drink but rainwater.  To evacuate a casualty meant four to six hours on foot down the steep trail, under mortar fire, which forced the battalion surgeon to treat casualties on the actual firing line.  Despite the constant attacks, severe casualties, cold weather and lack of ammunition and food, the 1st Battalion, 168th Infantry helds its position f
Photo: TOP ROW: Heil, David A CW2
 Thoma, Dennis F CW2  
 Schweitzer, Keith D CW2  
 Vogel, Nicholas J WO1
 Henrikson, Robert A CW2  
 Jancze, Krystal R CW2  

Ritter, Joel E CW2  
Schmidtz, Jerome D CW2 
Sorenson, Stephen M CW2 
Townsend, Cheryl L CW3              
Pomrenke, Richard A CW3  
Gerads, Daniel C CW3                 
Rhoden, Herbert CW3 
Patton, William R CW2  
Jensen, Kevin D CW4  
Durbin, Christopher
Schillinger, William D CW4  
Hsu, Yuan YH CW2
Photo: Specialist Brandon Hempel, driver and gunner with the 34th Military Police Company, 34th Infantry Division, a native of Spring Grove, Minn., bows his head in a moment of silence for his fallen comrade, Spc. Daniel Drevnick, of Woodbury, Minn., during a dedication ceremony in the combined gym and USO at Contingency Operating Base Basra, Dec. 31.
Photo: The third wave of 34th Military Police Company Soldiers returned to Stillwater, Minn. following their one-year deployment to Iraq.  The group of approximately 40 Soldiers arrived at 8 p.m. Feb. 5.
Photo: State Adjutant General Larry W. Shellito greets Soldiers from the 34th Infantry Division as they arrive from Ft. Lewis at the 133rd Airlift Wing on February 5, 2010 after spending nearly a year deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.