Adjutants General
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Photo: 1850-1852 
James McClellan Boal
AKA McBoal

Died 1962, Mendota, Minn.
Photo: 1852-1853 
Sylvanus B. Lowry
Photo: 1853-1858 
Isaac Van Etten
Photo: 1858-1860 Alex C. Jones
Photo: 1860-1861 William H Acker

Acker served as Minnesota’s State Adjutant General before the war.  He raised a company for the 1st Minnesota Regiment before resigning his position in order to accept a commission as Captain of Company C.  His gallantry at Bull Run was noted by President Lincoln, who commissioned him Captain in the regular army after he resigned from the 1st Minnesota due to a quarrel with Colonel Gorman.
Photo: May 1861 - Dec 1861 John B. Sanborn
Photo: Dec 1861 - 1865 Brig. Gen. Oscar Malmros
Born 1826, Died August 18, 1909
Photo: 1865-1866 John Peller

Photo: 1866-1870 Horatio P. Van Cleve
Photo: 1870-1875 Mark D. Flower
Photo: 1875-1876 Henry A. Castle
Photo: 1876-1882
Horatio P. Van Cleve
Photo: 1882-1884 Alfred Clark Hawley
Photo: 1884 - 1887
C. M. McCarthy
Portrait not available.
United States Army General and Staff officer's uniform hat insignia. The insignia reportedly belonged to General C. M. McCarthy. It consists of a felt rectangle backed with heavy paper and embroidered in bullion with a wreath and the letters "US".
Photo: 1887-1889 Francis W. Seeley
Photo: 1889-1893 John H. Mullen
Photo: 1893-1899 Herman Muehlberg
Photo: 1899-1901 George C. Lambert.
Here (70) as a Maj. in 1st Field Artillery.
Photo: 1899-1901 George C. Lambert
Photo: 1901-1905 Ellias D. Libbey
Photo: 1905-1917 Fred B. Wood
Photo: 1917-1927 Walter F. Rhinow
Photo: 1925-1949 Ellard A. Walsh 1925-1927 (acting)
Photo: 1949-1960 Joseph C. Nelson