Shop Construction
Oct 20, 2007Public
Photo: The northeast corner of the backyard before the momentus groundbreaking... While the planning for this has been going on for years, construction actually began in April of 2007.
Photo: After working so hard to keep the lawn in good shape, I couldn't see just killing all that grass. So, I rented a sod cutter...
Photo: All told, about 1300sf of fresh cut sod. I ended up giving it to a guy on Craiglsist.
Photo: The pipe for the in-floor dust collection and all the conduit.
Photo: I contracted out the excavation...
Photo: ....and the concrete.
Photo: Dimensions are 26' x 36'. The walls will be 10' w/ a vaulted ceiling. Roof pitch is 4/12, interior pitch is ~2/12.
Photo: With the stubwalls & backfill done, I could go in and mark out for the dust collection and conduit runs.
Photo: The dust collector will be located in the mechanical room at the northeast (upper right) corner of the shop/
Photo: The mini-trac I rented was a little too cumbersome for the trenches. I ended up trading it in for a trencher.
Photo: It worked great if all I was burying was the conduit. But it was a bit narrow for the 6" pipe. We had to go back and widen the trenches with shovels to get the larger pipe to sit in the hole....
Photo: All the utilities were stubbed to this corner of the garage when I built the house.
Photo: Looking toward the future mechanical room. The port at this end will be for the miter saw station. Heading northeast is the planer/jointer and then tablesaw.
Photo: South end looking toward the mechanical room. The south wall will be home to the sanders, router table, drill press & bandsaw.
Photo: This port is just a spare, right now....
Photo: From the mechanical room looking out toward the shop.
Photo: I am also running power in the floor. The conduit will run under the DC piping. I also found it was easier to glue all the joints together with them sitting up out of the trenches.
Photo: The wooden boxes you see will be set at each DC/power port coming up out of the floor.
Photo: When I had the house built, I had all the utilities stubbed to the corner closest to the where the shop would eventually be built. Water, power & sewer all together means only one hole...
Photo: I also contracted the underground plumbing.
Photo: Ready for the floor....