Lumber Rack
Oct 18, 2009Public
Photo: My lumber storage rack will sit against the north wall, behind the plywood storage.
Photo: A piece of 1/4" plywood is tapered to match, and rests on top of the base. It will protect the drywall at the east end.
Photo: Here you can also see the cutoff storage behind the plywood rack. Five shelves, 2' feet deep, ~6" wide, and ~18" high...
Photo: The top of the base will have two 6" high dividers to the right, and a full length one on the left. It is cut slightly narrow to allow for installation of pine facing to cover the plywood edges. All exposed plywood edges will be faced...
Photo: A stretcher is screwed to the wall to support the upper dividers. The full length divider is slightly tapered at the top to allow just a wee bit more light to show the shorter cutoffs stored on the shelf.
Photo: The base and wall dividers are set in the dadoes and held in place with corner brackets. The west/left side rests on the floor and is screwed to the base and the wall using brackets. The shelf, installed at 49" from the base, is there to provide two-tiered storage for longer cutoffs.
Photo: Overall dimensions are 6'l x 20"d x 78"t.
Photo: The dividers are spaced 20' apart from the wall.