Embassy Flag Case
Dec 29, 2013Public
Photo: Parts for the certificate case.
Photo: All parts.
Photo: All parts are sanded to 150gr. before assembly.
Photo: The interior frame pieces are glued in place before glue-up of the case. This allows for a little more sanding of the interior frame.
Photo: Certificate case is assembled with glue only.
Photo: Screw placement is important to ensure the screws don't pop out of the top of the flag case.
Photo: Addition of the hanger. I made it this long in order to allow for the use of two nails/screws to hang from.
Photo: A decent shot of the back of the flag case internal rabbets/dadoes.
Photo: I used 1/8' x 1/2" brass stock, cut ~3/4" long, for the tabs. One end was rounded to fit in the recesses.
Photo: The two parts were finished before final assembly.
Photo: The wooden block attaced to the back makes it so much easier to remove the back when necessary.