Site Announcement: Pavlikeni!
Jul 10, 2007Public
Photo: The map of Bulgaria!  They announced our sites and we were walked out to our place on the map!
Photo: Day and Sehee!
Photo: Mindy!
Photo: PAVLIKENI- north central Bulgaria
Photo: Aaron down south by Greece!
Photo: Craig and I with our language trainer, Vessie
Photo: Krista, Day and I with our site/school descriptions!
Photo: Marcy- interim PC Director and I
Photo: Celebrating with my counterpart and school director after site announcement!
Photo: Pavlikeni from above
Photo: Pavlikeni from the hilltop
Photo: my school- Bacho Kiro....where I will work for 2 years!
Photo: Sport Day...I was announced in front of the students and forced to speak my broken bulgarian!
Photo: Some of the elementary kids (I won't be teaching them...but they are so cute)!
Photo: Inside the school....
Photo: Bacho Kiro- the revoluntionary whom the school is named after
Photo: A visit to the library...
Photo: The teachers room
Photo: The English classroom!
Photo: my apartment block- it needs some dectorating!  however, now there are flowers in full bloom in front of the block!
Photo: strolling around town...
Photo: older part of town...
Photo: The Community Center