RADOMIR- my training site and home for 2.5 months!
Jul 10, 2007Public
Photo: Town Radomir!
Photo: notice the contrast of the sheep and communist-style apt. blocs
Photo: the view out my apt. window!
Photo: walking the backroads....
Photo: On top of one of the many hills which surrounded the town
Photo: my baba (host grandmas) old house!
Photo: on a hike...
Photo: Radomir from afar
Photo: the rila mountains in the background
Photo: EU election day at our youth center!
Photo: This is how Bulgarians eat pizza- smothered in mayo, mustard and ketchup.
Photo: Alex (my host sister), Baba Lilli and I
Photo: Na Gosti (visit) with the grandchildren!
Photo: My host fathers birthday celebration....
Photo: Angel and Baba Lilli
Photo: BOZA- a wheat, sugar mixture of a drink...  Bulgarians love it!
Photo: a visit to the BOZA factory.... it comes from Radomir!
Photo: The Boza-making machine
Photo: The factory
Photo: BOZA is very important to Radomir.  My training group standing in front of the towns Boza statue
Photo: Kotsi (my host brother) being Kotsi!
Photo: Out to coffee with some students...
Photo: more posters which honor those who have passed....
Photo: a bulgarian wedding!  very stylish.