FAMILY VISIT: 12 cities, 5 people, 3 countries, 2 weeks!
Aug 5, 2008Public
Photo: John & Kristen meet my host brother, Kotsi right off the plane!
Photo: Showing my family around Radomir (the town where I trained for 3 months)
Photo: My family meeting my BG fam!
Photo: Mom, John and Kris on the terrace at my host family's house
Photo: Present exchange!
Photo: My host mother, Nadia
Photo: My family's first Na Gosti!
Photo: Nazdravei! Cheers!
Photo: So happy to be reunited with my family after not seeing them for over a year!
Photo: Baba Lili comes for dinner :)
Photo: Radomir at sunrise...
Photo: First bulgarian breakfast- homemade banitsa (a yummy pastry with cheese)!
Photo: John looks so happy!
Photo: Our driver for the week :)  He drove the roads of Bulgaria very well thanks to our GPS!
Photo: City center in Radomir
Photo: With the rents...
Photo: Like mother, like daughter :)
Photo: In Sofia for a quick lunch before heading to my town, Pavlikeni
Photo: On the road traveling to north central Bulgaria...
Photo: Teachers Banket in Pavlikeni!
Photo: My family with Petya & Nedelcho!
Photo: More of the teachers from my school that are wonderful colleagues, mentors and friends!
Photo: more...
Photo: ...and my Mom even learned how to Horo (the bulgarian national dance) !