Bulgaria Arrival!
Jul 9, 2007Public
Photo: At the airport before boarding our plane for BG!
Photo: Right off the plane!
Photo: Panichishte- the mountain where we spent our first 4 days in BG!
Photo: Natural beauty...BG
Photo: Mountain Hike
Photo: Learning the HORO- Bulgarian National Dance
Photo: Studying Bulgarian...
Photo: Socializing/ Studying!
Photo: It snowed our second day!
Photo: Day and I before our cultural dinner
Photo: Training Group Radomir before Gretchen left:(...
Photo: More trainees...
Photo: The HORO in action
Photo: Professional Dancers...
Photo: Now the trainees try!
Photo: The Bulgarian Training Staff showing their skills...
Photo: Arrival in Radomir...my apartment bloc for 2 months.
Photo: Right after I arrived in Radomir...my host brother/sister took me to walk around.
Photo: cafe action in the center of Radomir
Photo: Nakroloze- posters which honor the dead