A. Whirlwind. Tour. Of. Ireland.
Aug 24, 2008Public
Photo: Dad picked me up in our car for the week ready to hit the roads of Ireland!
Photo: Grammy ready to go too!
Photo: second in charge :)
Photo: ...how Grammy loves her picture taken!
Photo: Dad and the car he learned to drive on the wrong side of the road with!
Photo: breakfast Irish style
Photo: We found a store which was named after my Mimi's family :)
Photo: ...stopping in a little town in central Ireland
Photo: the lovely little town of Athlone
Photo: Athlone
Photo: Athlone
Photo: Grammy admiring a statue in Athlone
Photo: ...the streets of Athlone
Photo: I loved all the fabulous colors they used!
Photo: Finally in GALWAY!  Under the Spanish Arch!
Photo: Galway bay
Photo: Dad & the choppy water!
Photo: Narrow streets of Galway
Photo: Grammy and I under the Claddagh!
Photo: Galway
Photo: ....an awesome Irish band
Photo: ...in the streets of Galway
Photo: Dad and I and Oscar Wilde statue