2016 NCCC Holiday Banquet
Dec 17, 2016Public
Photo: WT6K & Joan
Photo: NS6T, W6RGG
Photo: W6RGG
Photo: N6TV
Photo: N6BV & Rayma
Photo: N6WM & Veronica
Photo: View from inside of Shoreline Park and Shoreline Amphitheatre
Photo: N6DE & XYL
Photo: ND2T, K6UFO
Photo: ND2T, K6UFO
Photo: Ten-Meter RTTY Contest Plaque
Photo: KK6KPW & AF6RT
Photo: K0BEE & W1SRD
Photo: K0BEE, ND2T
Photo: W1RH & XYL
Photo: KB4TGE & W6FB
Photo: W1RH, N6DE
Photo: AF6RT & KK6KPW
Photo: W6EB, W6FB
Photo: W6XB & XYL
Photo: W6NV & Ann
Photo: K6YL, K6YL's Mom Jeanette
Photo: N7MH, N6KT
Photo: K6YL, Jeanette, W6SC