2016 Visalia International DX Convention
Apr 19, 2016Public
Photo: Marriott at the Convention Center, Visalia, CA
Photo: U.S. Tower Trailer
Photo: Close-up of motorized U.S. Tower Trailer
Photo: DL1QQ, N7NG
Photo: W6RGG, DL1QQ
Photo: K2PLF, DL1QQ, K5RC, W3UR
Photo: K7MY
Photo: NQ7R
Photo: DG1CMZ
Photo: W6OAT, K5RC
Photo: K9CT, K5SDR
Photo: K9CT, JA3CZY
Photo: N6KI, XE2MX
Photo: KO6MD
Photo: NW6P, W6OAT
Photo: DL1QQ'S buttons
Photo: W0GJ, W5DNT, N1DG
Photo: LA6VM, N7TY, N6KI
Photo: NI6T, W6KH
Photo: View from 7th floor of the Marriott
Photo: W1WEF, N1DG, W1EBI
Photo: W9RN, K9GS
Photo: W6KH, W1WEF, W1EBI