the Motels of NADA
Mar 1, 2008Public
Photo: TownHouse, yeah, it's this close to the Cortez, right across the street. A shot just like this was featured in the NYTimes article:
Photo: TownHouse Motel is an 80 unit motel, directly across the street from the Cortez, with its Trocadero Lounge, where Sinatra played. Entertainment: fashion show and a musical show happening here Friday and Saturday, June 17th, 18th, 2011.
Photo: I know, lame sign–hey Jefe
Photo: TH, with the Sands Regency looking down it's nose at us.
Photo: 80 rooms here, Cortez is not offering rooms for NadaDada this year. And if you need to repent, Catholic church on the other corner, which happens to be surrounded by bars, tea houses and a hooka lounge. Oh yeah and the river–about a 2 min. walk.
Photo: Uhh huhhh, the high life.
Photo: a little embellishment. Talk to Sandra here, she's runnin' the show.
Photo: El Cortez overlooks the TownHouse and its filled-in pool, now a grassy courtyard, without a fence. The river's a block away, swimming is fully recommended. But at this courtyard, this year, we'll see a kid-centric area with art-making workshops with kids, face painting, marrionette show and bouncy balls & hoola hoops.
Photo: The Cortez in all her glory.
Photo: Here you get a view of most of the TownHouse, the Cortez and St. Thomas Aquinous Church. Repent.
Photo: And from behind the TownHouse you can just see the other motels down Arlington. The Keno, El Ray, Star of Reno, and the Lido.
Photo: El Ray
Photo: View from the El Ray. On the left, brick building 6 stories tall is the Cortez. Across the street, barely visible here is the TownHouse. We're asking artists to fill the TownHouse before going down the street. Sorry, Cortez is already filled.
Photo: The view from the El Ray, though, by June the snow will have been gone for about a month or two. If you were about 1500 ft. taller you could see Lake Tahoe.
Photo: The Sands, all night entertainment, two towers of fun.
Photo: El Ray being looked over by the Silver Legacy.
Photo: El Ray is a U-shaped joint. Eldorado towers behind. Our opening ceremony will happen here. June 16th, 2011 @ 6pm.
Photo: Next to El Ray are the Star of Reno and the Lido, which is the corner of 4th St, formerly famous Hiway 40. 50 years ago Jack Kerouac probably picked up a couple hookers around here.
Photo: Deacon Jones, pray fur me.
Photo: Keno, El Ray, Star of Reno, Lido.