Apr 16, 2011Public
Photo: Marcel Bosse instructs
Photo: LTC Sheldon Lyons and CPT Tim Gale
Photo: Commander Steve Spearin and SFC Dave Nichols, SFC Ken Glidden, and SSG Tim Hebert, at the Bennett Dr. Armory in Caribou.  Probably 1999.
Photo: Dick and Kirk St. Peter in the Battalion Supply office at Bennett Dr.
Photo: 1947 Federal Recognition for HQ in Caribou
Photo: Sam Collins, first commander in Caribou, 1922
Photo: CSM Genz's command photo
Photo: HHS at Bennett Dr. Armory
Photo: Richard Brown gets promoted by CPT Hatch
Photo: ALOC in Action.  Freeman Dow and Kevin O'Bar
Photo: Direct Fire Competition, Hersey OP, CFB Gagetown
Photo: Battalion XO Verne McMoarn
Photo: Kevin O'Bar (foreground) and "TSB Guy"; CPT Sean Harmon kneeling
Photo: Direct Fire Competition, Hersey OP, CFB Gagetwon
Photo: Ken Glidden's Scooby Do underwear
Photo: Steve Waugh
Photo: Old Powder
Photo: 1953 Powder
Photo: 1SG St. Peter and CPT Hatch with TSB guy